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Japanese babe in hot chikan video with several guys

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Cute Japanese lady was pensively walking in the park and got into troubles. Crowd of men caught her near the tree, stopped her mouth, took off her panties and a lot of arms grabbed her elastic tasty butt at once. Poor chick tried to resist but it was impossible. Guys’ hands felt up her everywhere caressing her legs, penetrating their fingers inside hairy wet pussy making girl cry.

But it couldn’t continue too long and chick began to turn on more and more and was ready to perform any action those guys wanted, she needed their hard cocks to suck and fuck. Enjoy this great chikan video with pretty babe and brutal insatiable men!

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Chikan movie of grabbed babe in Aqua Park

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

When guys see a lot of half naked wet babes they just can’t keep their tools in pants and try to touch some cute girl by accident. But sometimes guys gather and begin their brutal games making hot chikan video. The main chikan tactics is to surround some sweet chick and have a little play with her.

Blameless dudes feel up her stomach and legs, then breasts and butt through the swimsuit. If babe cries they stop her mouth and take off her clothes enjoying totally naked body. In such cases babes usually become crazy and ready for hot endless orgy! As any insatiable bitch babe doesn’t care about cocks’ number she cares about satisfaction!

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Japanese chikan video featuring a hot babe who’s being groped

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Do you know what the horniest thing in chikan video besides wild orgy? It is the moment when guys’ hands begin to explore all secret places of sweet poor victim who can’t resist. In this chikan movie nice slim girl is grabbed by sultry men! They squeeze her hard nipples and make finger fuck in public.

Too sweet and nice babes are always attracting guys’ attention and always get in some troubles! This chickan vid with crying Japanese chick was made especially for hot chikan lovers by candid camera. In fact most of babes dream of that kind of adventure and are ready to try and even social limits are forgotten while getting pleasure.

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Exciting chikan gropers’ video

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Watch very hot chikan video of nice Japanese babe in sexy black panties who was touched on her sweet ass by several men. At first she thought it was by accident but it wasn’t. Then guys surrounded her and roughly touched and squeezed her boobs legs and stomach. The more they turned on the deeper their fingers penetrated babe’s wet pussy.

Dudes stopped her mouth and hold her arms not letting her to escape, but actually she even doesn’t try to avoid their touches. This pretty chick even couldn’t imagine she would get in chikan hands in a broad daylight but she did. Babe had the only way out to obey and stand all that.

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Chikan gropers caught a Japanese babe

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Some girls even don’t expect that some guys can grab them in public overcrowded place. But chikan gropes are everywhere and always look for sweet babe to catch and feel up! This Japanese candy didn’t worry when saw that guy who tried to touch here in the bus. But when he began kissing her, she could not even cry or beg for mercy, so all she could do was falling victim to that lustful motherfucker…

It was too late to run because she was tightly squeezed and brutally pawed at. She felt sick but the guy continued to squeeze her dripping pussy and rub young sensitive clit. Nobody was near to help so that dude made all he wanted. Watch hot chikan video of helpless Japanese lady!

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Chikan action on Japanese sweetie in the train

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Groping is what every chikan guy dreams of! They are ready to feel up every female in the world. There is some perverted intention in their nature making them to play nasty games. In this hot chikan video chikan groupers enjoy young Japanese girl caught up in the train. Only hungry chikan males are around her grabbing elastic babe’s butt and trimmed pubic.

They rub her hairy pussy through the panties and poor victim doesn’t know to enjoy or cry. They all rub themselves on her half naked young and wet body. Dudes just use her as a pretty doll for their dirty purposes and satisfaction! Watch this exciting chikan video in the train!

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Two Japanese gals get in strong chikan hands

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

This time chikan gropers enjoy two sweet Japanese babes at once! They take off babes’ panties spreading their legs and caress their pussies pushing fingers inside. They make girls sit pussy to pussy and then one girl is roughly made to taste the other babe’s wet hole. A lot of men stay around and stare ladies’ actions.

They really get pleasure watching poor victims in public place. Further babes have to fuck each other using double headed pink dildo and it seems they like it. Don’t miss watching really hot chikan video with two shy and crying babes surrounded by great number of insatiable chikan lovers!

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Chikan video of babe pawed at in train

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

This young sweet babe was alone on Tokyo train in the evening time turning back home. She stood in squeezed train crowd and felt uncomfortable. Suddenly she felt a hand on her nice ass but couldn’t turn her head to watch who it was. That hand was doing chikan on her and sweet Japanese babe could do nothing squeezed by people around.

But then she felt three hands pawing at her everywhere and one of them slid under her short skirt rubbing pussy. Finally several guys blamelessly felt her up penetrating under her panties! It was impossible to resist. Chikan gropers played their favorite game with young sweet gal!

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Sweet babe begs for mercy on chikan party

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Chikan gropers always plan their time for train routes. They gather in group and begin their hunting for cute lone girls to play with. And almost always it occurs too easy to find some babe. This time two sweet ladies were caught by chikan gropers in empty train in subway. Guys had total wild fun.

They stripped resisting victims, grabbed their boobs and fuck their tight pussies not listening cries and screams. All in all these chicks will learn what the best time for subway trips is. But now they with legs spread as theatre veil get as many cocks as they have never before! Check out the best dirty chikan video on the blog!

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Japanese busty babe in chikan train action

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

If you think all ladies mind touching them by accident or on purpose in public you are totally wrong! This Japanese busty lady adores late time trips in train but most of all she likes to get in chikan gropers’ hands! She is pretending she is very scared but in fact she is really insatiable bitch!

This babe needs strong hands to grab her huge boobs and butt! She is not groper herself but she doesn’t mind brutal feeling up her hot body. A great pleasure she gets when guys rub her pussy using black dildo. Watch really hot chikan movie with busty babe getting satisfaction with several dudes in subway train!

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